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Facility Design is a consulting engineering firm incorporated in the state of Ohio
since June, 1986.  The founders and engineering principals of the firm are :

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            Tom Johnston, P.E.            Roger Dierckman, P.E.               Fred Hunt, P.E.                  Jerry Liechty, P.E

          (President Emeritus)                 ( President)                           (Corp. Secretary)               (Corp. Treasurer)

The principals have more than 150 years of combined engineering experience in the design and management of engineering projects during their professional careers.
Our engineers have been involved in the design of more than $500,000,000 of bulk material handling and storage projects.  Collectively they have participated in the design of more than 900 reinforced concrete storage silos and performed more than 1,000 structural inspections and evaluations of existing silos.

In addition, Tom Johnston (President Emeritus) has authored and/or presented more than 25 articles pertaining to the design and investigation of storage silos.
Tom is a voting member of the ACI Committee 313 and previously served a two year
term as Chairman.  (American Concrete Institute Committee on Standard Practice
for Design and Construction of Concrete Silos and Stacking Tubes for
Storing Granular Materials)

Education   :

Tom Johnston, P.E. Ohio State University
B.S. Civil Engineering,  1961
M.S. Structural Engineering,  1965
Roger Dierckman, P.E. Purdue University
B.S. Civil Engineering,  1973
M.S. Civil Engineering,  1974
Fred Hunt, P.E. Ohio State University
B.S. Civil Engineering,  1972
M.S. Structural Engineering,  1973
Jerry Liechty, P.E. Purdue University
B.S. Civil Engineering, 1975
M.S. Civil Engineering,  1976

Professional Registration  :

Facility Design, Inc. engineers currently hold  Professional
Engineering Registrations in the following states :

Alabama Kentucky Nebraska Tennessee
California Louisiana New York Texas
Colorado Maryland Ohio Utah
Florida Massachusetts Oklahoma Virginia
Georgia Michigan Oregon West Virginia
Indiana Minnesota Pennsylvania Wisconsin
Iowa Missouri South Carolina Wyoming
Kansas Montana South Dakota

Previous Experience  :                                                  

The previous experience of the engineers at Facility Design, Inc. includes the following :

  Structural Design Experience  :

Structural Steel Design Inspections/Evaluations Manufacturing Plants
Reinf. Concrete Design Expert  Witness Material Handling Structures
Pile Foundations Rail Receiving Pits Warehouses
Drilled Pier Foundations Truck Receiving Pits Commercial Buildings
Mat Foundations Conveyor Trusses Barge Loading Structures
Retaining Walls Conveyor Towers Ship Loading structures
Storage Silos Sampling Buildings Ship Piers
Storage Bins Industrial Facilities Ship Docks
Stacking Tubes Kiln Supports Water Tank Support Pedestals

  Civil Design Experience  :

Railroad Layout Haul Road Layout Utility Design
Railroad   Design Ship Pier Design Underground Piping Design
Drainage Design Ship Dock Design Facility Layout
Earthwork Fender Design Site Design

  Mechanical Design Experience  :

Material Handling Design Batch Weighing Design Sampling Design
Belt Conveyor Design Dust Collection Design Power Transmission Layout
Feeder Layout Design Mass Flow Gate Design Power Transmission Design
Scale Layout Crusher Design Pneumatic Conveying Design

Professional Affiliations :   

Facility Design, Inc. engineers are currently affiliated with the following
professional organizations, or have served on the following Boards and
Committees  :

                American Concrete Institute (ACI)                                                                       
                ACI Committee 313 (Tom Johnston) -- 2 year term as Committee Chairman
                American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
                American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
                American Welding Society (AWS)
                Editorial Board of the International Journal of Bulk Solids
                        Storage in Silos, Powder Advisory Centre, UK (Tom Johnston)
                Editorial Board of Bulk Systems International (Tom Johnston)

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